World-class training means world-class results. See what members of the #carlislenation have to say about Carlisle Performance.

Frank Gore San Jose Carlisle Performance

If you want to get better at whatever sport you play, come train with my man. I did when I first came to the 49ers, and look at me now.

Michelle Mamone Carlisle Performance San Jose Training

There is never an end to getting better. Here at Carlisle Performance, I was pushed past limits that I’ve never experienced before!

Tegan-McGrady San Jose Carlisle Performance

My experience working with Coach Carlisle was really amazing…I was coming off of a season where I was always injury-prone. He took me through the very basics all the way up to the hard stuff, the exercises I wanted to get back into. Each and every day, he pushed me to do my best – never too far, he just knew where my abilities were laying.

David Blough San Jose Carlisle Performance

I’ve been so blessed over my years to have so many different experiences. One of them that I’ll treasure for the rest of my life was working under Coach Carlisle and really have him come into my life at a time of need, a time when you’re finding yourself. Someone who’s going to challenge ya, push ya, and love on ya. To know there’s something deeper inside of you, and that’s what I always have appreciated. When he saw us, he saw men who were moldable and he pushed us because he saw it before anyone else did.

David Blough QB, Detroit Lions
Personal Training Testimonial wit Bruce Charonnet

We’ve been working together for about 6 or 7 weeks now, and it’s increased my endurance, my core strength, and energy levels throughout the day. He’s very encouraging! He’s a very good student at reading particular bodies, and what the specific needs are in each body. Very motivational and attuned to the businessman’s mind, their goals and the needs of each person.