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Don’t lose your progress! Carlisle Performance will help you stay on target with our new Online Personal Training options, delivered by our Virtual Trainers within the comfort of your own home. Our stay-at-home workouts are professional, challenging and made to keep you in peak shape so you can be ready to hit the field when life goes back to our new normal.

Virtual Fitness Classes-At Home

  • The training sessions are conducted in real-time by our Virtual Personal Trainers
  • All of our classes are structured in a Circuit Training format and are broadcast using Zoom.
  • Minimal to no equipment required
  • You will feel the energy of the Virtual Personal Trainer and connection with other partcipants just like in-class.
    *Purchase a Single Session or package of 4 Sessions.
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Online Personal Training

  • Customized Personal Training plans based on goals and equipment
  • We build your plan together with a 30 min Kickoff video call.
  • 30, 45, or 60 min. Virtual Training Session options available live via Zoom.
  • We stay on top of your fitness goals with check-in texts messages.
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Carlisle Performance brings the gold standard of fitness, movement and injury prevention strategies to Sports Officials.

Check out some of our favorite highlights from the PAC 12 Football & Baseball sessions below.


Ron Torbert 62 Making a Call

Ron Torbert

#62 NFL Official & Attorney

“I’m a big believer in what Lightning Fast Training Systems can do.

I first met Duane and the Lightning Fast team in 2014 when they began working with the NFL’s on-field game officials. What’s impressed me most in the three years we’ve worked with Duane and his staff is that they’ve taken the time to get to know us.

They studied what we do as officials, how we move, and the physical demands we face every week when we take the field. They’ve used that knowledge to develop specific training plans, along with recovery and nutrition recommendations to help us perform at a high level.

I’m convinced that Lightning Fast has helped us stay healthier so we can be at our best on the field”.

Dean Blandino

Senior Vice President of Officiating, NFL

“Working with Duane has taken our officiating program to the next level. Duane has provided tools and resources for our Game Officials covering the entire range of both physical and mental performance.

With Duane, our staff is better equipped to handle the demands of officiating at the highest level of the sport, and it has shown in their performance”.

F David Coleman Being Interviewed

F. David Coleman

Vice President of Officiating at the Pac-12 Conference

“Upon assuming my role as Vice President of Officiating at the Pac-12 Conference, Duane and Lightning Fast were brought on board to develop and launch similar programs for our officials.

After two years, Pac-12 football officials have shown improvement in performance due to their participation in the Lightning Fast program. The true value of such an endeavor is measured by the customized structure of the program that addresses and meets the specific health, fitness and mobility requirements of a unique group of athletes – Division One college football officials.

The program for baseball umpires was introduced in January 2017. The work that Duane and his organization have done for the Pac-12 is unique and the superior results have been excellent”.

Why Carlisle Performance?

Unparalleled Expertise.
To be the best, you need the best. Benefit from our 25+ years in the performance fitness industry, with tens of thousands of athletes becoming part of the #CarlisleNation, all the way from middle school all the way up to the NFL! You get one of the few Master Strength & Conditioning Coaches in the nation, educated at one of the best sports science universities who’s also a speed coach, personal & leadership trainer. To boot, all Carlisle Performance trainers have been coached and developed to reflect that experience.

A network at your fingertips.
With 25 years in the performance industry (both public and private), you get to know the best. You’ll benefit from an enormous professional network of coaches, trainers and experts.

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Nutrition for the whole person.
You can combo your training with a Carlisle Performance Nutrition plan. With an in-house nutrition expert (who’s also a chef!), you’re guaranteed to get a meal plan that’s not only backed by science, but also delicious.

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You’re our passion project.
You want your coach to love what they do. Coach Carlisle is one of the few performance coaches who didn’t choose to get into the educational field with his expertise. He’s on that field, day in-day out because he felt a calling to truly improve people’s lives. The heart of Carlisle Performance is “make your best even better”, and it shows. The training you’ll get with us cares about all of you – mind, body and soul.