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Lightning Fast Speed School

  • Increase Speed 3 to 5 Tenths of a Second!
  • Improve Vertical Jump 2 to 7 Inches!
  • Enhance First-Step Quickness and Explosion 50% Plus!

Step 1: Read About The Program

Read the program description beflow to see if it's right for your youth athlete.

I’ve been helping student-athletes successfully increase their speed, first-step quickness and athleticism for 25 plus years. I’ve conducted over 25,000 coaching sessions involving male and female athletes, at the middle school, high school, collegiate, and professional levels. In fact, I have trained student-athletes in over 20 different sports!

But what sets me apart is I am a parent of current and former student-athletes.  With my children, I strive to provide them with the best opportunity to develop academically, athletically, and socially.   I will apply this same passion to helping your child maximize his/her God -given ability because I’m sure your goal is to provide your child with the best opportunity to succeed in his/her endeavors as well.

So, whether the goal is to make a roster, earn a starting position or be awarded a College Athletic Scholarship, I will meet your child where he/she is.</

If the Lightning Fast Speed School sounds like a program that can benefit your child, follow the steps below to to reserve your spot now. We are only accepting the first 25 registrants. We will sell out, so register now.

Step 2: Sign up For A Session Package

Our session packages are bundled to fit your scheduling needs. You can purchase sessions one month at a time, or become a member to keep your spot reserved each month. Members also recieve a 10% discount.

Monthly Pricing (Pay As You Go)

Sign up for a single month of sessions. Pay as you go, spaces are limited.

1x Week (4 Sessions Monthly)
$200 ($50/session)
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2x Week (8 Sessions Monthly)
$400 ($50/session)
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Membership Pricing (Monthly, On-Going)

Become a member to keep you spot reserved and recieve a 10% discount. Autopay monthly, cancel at any time.

1x Week (4 Sessions Monthly)
$160 ($40/session)
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2x Week (8 Sessions Monthly)
$320 ($40/session)
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One-Time Trial Session

We offer a one-time trial session to give you a chance to try the program first-hand at a discounted rate.

One-Time Trial Session
$25 (Single Session)
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Drop In Session

Single drop in sessions are available for your convenience and scheduling flexibility

Drop In Session
$50 (Single Session)
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Step 3: Schedule Your Sessions

Once you have signed up for a session package, use the calendar below to book to the group and dates that work best for you. The speed school is four weeks in duration and starts the first Saturday of every month.