The Essentials of Youth Training with Mike Boyle-Episode #10

  It was an honor to interview my former collegiate strength and conditioning coach and world renown training expert, Mike Boyle.  The Essential of Youth Training episode with Mike Boyle covers a multitude of pertinent topics relating to the best approach to train and prepare youth athletes including; Should youth athletes specialize at a young […]


Pat Ivey will begin his second season at Arkansas State in 2018, but his first since being elevated to Assistant Athletics Director of Athletics Performance. Ivey spent his first year at Arkansas State in 2017 as the Associate Director of Athletics Performance. Prior to Arkansas State, he served under the same title at Missouri from […]

The Role of A Sports Scientist with Chase Phelps, Stanford University

This week’s guest is Chase Phelps, the applied sports scientist for the Department of Athletics at Stanford University. We take a deep dive into the topic of Sports Science including; how to integrate a Sports Science program across the board within an athletic department and many other issues relating to Sports Science. Tune in. Download […]

10 Ways to Help Your Child Earn an Athletic Scholarship

Do you have a child who plays sports and one day aspires to earn an athletic scholarship? If so, tune into Coach Carlisle’s Pursuit of Excellence Podcast and learn his ten game-changing strategies to position your child to fulfill their dreams. Gain invaluable insight from someone who has coached thousands of Division 1 athletes including […]

The evolution of a Sports Executive with James Harris-Episode #5

Have you ever desired to shift your career path from your degree of study? If so, tune into this Podcast to learn how James Harris transitioned from a Sports Nutritionist to a Sports Executive. James shares three critical strategies to help you change career paths no matter your desired profession.   Download this episode!

The Art of Coaching

Coach Johnny Parker, three-time Super Bowl Champion and Hall of Fame Strength and Conditioning Coach, shares his winning strategies on consistently getting the best out his players. Regardless of whether your a sports coach or strength and conditioning coach, Coach Parker’s insight is guaranteed to help you become a better coach.  Download this episode!

Episode 1: Chris Poirier – Founder of Perform Better Functional Training Summit

Download this episode! Chris Poirier will be talking to us about “How to become a Perform Better Speaker!” Chris is the creator of the Perform Better Functional Training Summit, which provides trainers, coaches, and therapists with a combination of lectures and hands-on learning experiences from many of the top professionals in the industry. He has carefully vetted […]