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F.A.S.T. Programs


At Carlisle Performance, we don’t believe in Instagramable speed training, we believe in Instagramable SPEED. With over 25 years of experience, more than 25,000 speed sessions coached, thousands of coaches coached, and expertise at all levels of athletics, we know what it takes to get faster.

From high school, up to the professional level, and even contracts with the NFL and the PAC 12, we’ve seen it all. That’s why we’re taking the methods the pros and elite universities use and bringing it straight to you. We’ve invested tens of thousands of dollars in state-of-the-art equipment because we’re invested in you and getting you faster.

We’re not just talking about one-speed test and improving your time by one one-hundredth of a second. With the Lightning Fast Profile, we’re testing your speed in various ways, so we can improve your all-around speed that actually transfers to your sport. The Carlisle Performance team of coaches have coached nearly every sport out there to fantastic results, including helping over a thousand athletes earn Division I scholarships.

No matter how you’re looking to get faster, one of our F.A.S.T. Programs will fit your desire for speed development. Check out the details of our programs below to pick the one for you.



Speed training has gotten gimmicky, and people assume that just because a speed training drill looks cool and is ‘fast’ it means it’s improving speed. But at Carlisle Performance Systems, we’re removing the guesswork, and we’re assessing, not guessing.

Every single one of our F.A.S.T. School begins with our Lightning Fast Speed Assessment. Using state of the art testing equipment, we measure acceleration, top-end speed, change of direction and power via force plate to give us your Lightning Fast Speed Profile.

After assessment in our Beginner F.A.S.T. School, you’ll take three weeks to learn the basics of running mechanics, lateral movement, and multi-directional movement. These are the same foundational movements that we’ve used with thousands of athletes we’ve trained who have gone on to get scholarships. And after just four weeks, you move on to the Advanced F.A.S.T. School where you’ll continue learning advanced techniques for maximal speed development.

We offer Beginner and Advanced F.A.S.T. School to middle school youth (grades 5-8) and high school (grades 9-12) athletes of all sports. All our coaches at Carlisle Performance believe it’s never too early, or too late, to begin your speed development, so get started today by selecting your program below.

Already have an Athlete Development Academy training package? Did you know you can use your training sessions for the F.A.S.T. School? Just let a Carlisle Performance Coach know so we can set you up with the right time on Saturday!

F.A.S.T. One-Time Trial - $50

New to speed training and aren’t sure if it’s right for you? We’re confident we can coach you to higher speeds! No matter your age or experience with speed training, sign up below, and we’ll see you on Saturday. Space is limited.

Beginner F.A.S.T. School $200 for 4 sessions or $60/session

Becoming Lightning Fast begins with these four sessions where you'll master Coach Carlisle's fundamental movement system which includes: linear speed, acceleration, deceleration, lateral agility, and multi-directional movement.

Advanced F.A.S.T. School $200 for 4 Sessions or $60/session

Once you've mastered the fundamentals, the Advanced Class will take your "Game Speed" to the next level with the Carlisle methodology used by thousands of professional and D-1 athletes. By the end of the 4 weeks, your speed potential will be realized. On-Line Take-Home programs are provided.

Once you've purchased your session(s), schedule them!!

New to F.A.S.T. School? Book the "Lightning Fast | Speed Assessment" below for your first session.

Download the app for easiest booking, or book below. Be sure to book the sessions under the athlete's name to properly register (parents, you'll need to register your
child separately).

Lightning Fast


If your sport is fast, the Speed Profile is for you! The Speed Profile gives you a complete picture of your speed and how you can get EVEN faster.

We'll test where you're fast (acceleration or top speed), how you change directions, and how we can improve all the above for higher top speeds. If you’re satisfied with the results of your Lightning Fast Speed Assessment, you can take your results and continue as is.

But if you’re thinking like us and know speed isn’t solely a God-given talent but that it can be coached and developed, we got you! Armed with your Lightning Fast Speed Profile, the Carlisle Performance Team can create a custom-for-you training program to get you those top speed improvements you've been working so hard for. You'll learn proper speed movement mechanics as well as develop the strength and mobility necessary to drop tenths off your times.

Tests Included:

  • Force Plate Squat Jump
  • Force Plate Counter Movement Jump (CMJ)
  • 10yd Dash
  • 5yd Split
  • Top-End Speed
  • Video Analysis

Lightning Fast Speed Assessment & Profile - $149

Purchase today to see how fast you are! One-time purchase of a Lightning Fast Speed Assessment & Profile, including the results report.

Once you've purchased your session(s), schedule them!!

Download the app for easiest booking, or book below. Be sure to book the sessions under the athlete's name to properly register (parents, you'll need to register your
child separately).



If you’re a coach, or are a part of a team that’s ready to get faster, the F.A.S.T. Group Program is for you. You’ll have an hour of speed development with the Carlisle Performance Coaches all to yourselves! We use state of the art equipment to consistently verify that our training methods get results, and we have the pedigree to back it up with the thousands of athletes we’ve trained who have gotten scholarships. Our methods are so proven, we even contract with the NFL and the PAC 12!

Consider this your team’s private speed workshop – a custom-to-you team session (depending on sport, team needs, and goals) where you’ll get both group instruction on the mechanics of speed as well as one on one coaching during drills. Each athlete will come away with improved mechanics and increased confidence in their ability to go faster than the opponents.

Team F.A.S.T. School - Pricing Varies

Contact Coach Duane Carlisle to obtain a quote for your Team F.A.S.T. School session. Include details such as sport, team size, and preferred location (if not at the Carlisle Performance Speed Site – King’s Academy in Sunnyvale, CA).



F.A.S.T. School is a four-week program, so we recommend registering for all four sessions. They’re progressive in nature and will build upon each other. If you can’t commit to all four sessions, there is what we call a “drop-in” option where you can choose a session ahead of time to drop in on.