Montez Hunter, BS


Laser Focused, Encouraging and Knowledgable


“Don’t count the training session, make the training session count."


High School - Football, Basketball and Track. College - Football


Injury Prevention, Multi-Directional Movement, Fat Loss, Mobility and Flexibility, Post Rehabilitation, Vertical Jump Training


Education: Lamar University (Bachelors) San Jose State (Masters) Certification: Certified Functional Strength Coach

Growing up a three-sport athlete, my competitive nature developed at an early age. So much so that I even played football partially deaf before my stubbornness gave way to wearing my hearing aids in high school.

Because of that, I learned body awareness and perception in a way that I think lends itself well to coaching athletes.

When you’re operating on 4.5 senses out of 5 on the playing field, it takes a certain ingenuity and tenacity to remain competitive.

That’s what I aim to instill in each of my athletes and clients with each training session we do.

30 Minute Sessions

45 Minute Sessions

60 Minute Sessions