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Client Spotlight

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Elizabeth DiGiovanni, JD

After taking one of Coach Carlisle’s very popular strength training classes at Stanford (his classes usually filled up within in minutes of the start of registration), I contacted him to ask about personal training sessions. I knew that he had significant experience working with athletes so wasn’t sure if he would be willing to take me on as personal training client. I am a 40-something working mom and I have never been an athlete (ever). Additionally, I had completed breast cancer treatment the previous year and was feeling a bit weak. I wanted to work with an experienced trainer who could help me get stronger. Coach Carlisle was really patient and enthusiastic. At each session he had a planned workout for me that pushed me without ever being too taxing. He always had a word of encouragement whenever I was a bit discouraged or cranky. After working with him, I started to feel stronger and I had more energy. I feel really lucky to have worked with such an experienced and knowledgeable trainer.

Elizabeth DiGiovanni, JD
Director of International and Advanced Degree Programs, Stanford Law School