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Carlisle’s High Intensity Training (HIT) Class

Work exclusively with Coach Duane Carlisle, the #1 Personal Trainer in Silicon Valley

Step 1: Read About The Program

Read the program description beflow to see if it's right for you.

Burn more calories while you’re working out in Carlisle’s High-Intensity Training Class!

Coach Carlisle taught 5 Circuit Weight Training classes at Stanford University per academic quarter, and every single class had a wait list! His HIT sessions were popular because of his team-based approach to collectively get all participants working together and supporting one another while training at a high intensity.

The class combines body weight, functional movements, and various core and stability exercises to provide a total body experience! No two workouts are the same!

All exercises are adjusted for each individual based on training history and injury status. Coach Carlisle’ ability to work around any individuals pre-existing injury, ensures that you will not re-injure yourself during the session.

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Ten People per class.

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Our session packages are bundled to fit your scheduling needs. You can purchase sessions one month at a time, or become a member to keep your spot reserved each month. Members also recieve a 10% discount.

Monthly Pricing (Pay As You Go)

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1x Week (4 Sessions Monthly)
$100 ($25/session)
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2x Week (8 Sessions Monthly)
$200 ($25/session)
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Drop In Session

Single drop in sessions are available for your convenience and scheduling flexibility. Purchase a single session below, then move on to Step 3 to book a class.

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Client Testimonial

Time may not be on your side, but we are—and that's almost better. Don't let a limited schedule hold you back from looking and feeling your best.

Elizabeth DiGiovanni, JD

After taking one of Coach Carlisle’s very popular strength training classes at Stanford (his classes usually filled up within in minutes of the start of registration), I contacted him to ask about personal training sessions. I knew that he had significant experience working with athletes so wasn’t sure if he would be willing to take me on as personal training client. I am a 40-something working mom and I have never been an athlete (ever). Additionally, I had completed breast cancer treatment the previous year and was feeling a bit weak. I wanted to work with an experienced trainer who could help me get stronger. Coach Carlisle was really patient and enthusiastic. At each session he had a planned workout for me that pushed me without ever being too taxing. He always had a word of encouragement whenever I was a bit discouraged or cranky. After working with him, I started to feel stronger and I had more energy. I feel really lucky to have worked with such an experienced and knowledgeable trainer.

Elizabeth DiGiovanni, JD
Director of International and Advanced Degree Programs, Stanford Law School