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Emerging Youth Athlete Program (Grades 5-6)

How Our Program Works

Speed Training Los Gatos
  • Increase Speed 3 to 5 Tenths of a Second!
  • Improve Vertical Jump 2 to 7 Inches!
  • Enhance First-Step Quickness and Explosion 50% Plus!

Step 1: Choose Your Program

Read the program details to see if it's right for your youth athlete. Are programs are arranged by age group, including Emerging Youth (Grades 5-6), High School Bound (Grades 7-8), and College Bound (Grades 9-12).

This program is designed to establish fundamental movement in the area of proper running mechanics, change of direction ability, flexibility, and mobility. Our goal is to establish proper movement patterns to build an athletic foundation while your young athlete continues to hone sport-specific skills.

Many youth athletes receive extensive instruction on how to improve their skills for their respective sport. However, little attention is paid to developing fundamental movement skills. Research has indicated the best time frame to work on one’s movement skills is between the ages of 8-12 years old. The athletes who address these qualities at a young age often excel in their respective sports beyond the youth level. That is, they have a higher ceiling.

Sign up now, to ensure that the athletic skills of your young athlete are developed in conjunction with sport-specific skills to raise his/her ceiling.






1 session/ week

Step 2: Sign up For A Session Package

Our session packages are bundled to fit your scheduling needs. You can purchase sessions one month at a time, or become a member to keep your spot reserved each month. Members also receive a 10% discount.

Monthly Pricing (Pay As You Go)

Sign up for a single month of sessions. Pay as you go, spaces are limited.

1x Week (4 Sessions Monthly)
$280 ($70/session)
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Membership Pricing (Monthly, On-Going)

Become a member to keep your spot reserved and receive a 10% discount. Autopay monthly, cancel at any time.

1x Week (4 Sessions Monthly)
$240 ($60/session)
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One-Time Trial Session

We offer a one-time trial session to give you a chance to try the program first-hand. Use the button below to purchase a single session. Then, move on to Step 3 to book a class.

One-Time Trial Session
$75 (Single Session)
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Step 3: Schedule Your Sessions

Once you have signed up for a session package (or one-time trial session), visit the “Class Schedules” page to book the times that work best for you.