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College Bound Prep Program (Grades 9-12)

“My team absolutely loves the FAST Class training. It’s fun, high energy, and we have seen great results!”

Head Coach
Cal Rays Softball
Speed Training

“I’m a high school basketball player, and I came to Carlisle after an ankle injury to strengthen it, but ended up strengthening all parts of my game as well. Since I’ve started, my speed has increased, my vertical has improved,

Anika Prasad
Basketball Player, Saratoga HS
Speed Training

“Coach Carlisle is a true master of his craft. He is extremely motivating and knows how to get the most out of his students. We have seen a dramatic increase in our daughter’s vertical jump, speed, and endurance. And the

Kylie Reynolds-Martin
High School Volleyball Player

“Coach Carlisle has a unique talent of gaining stellar performance in athletes who are willing to work hard. Most impressive is his client list comprised of young to old, beginners to professional athletes. Motivational and knowledgable, Duane continues to develop

Mackenzie Fobes
Elite Softball Prospect
Pasha Goodarzi, Top Ranked 8th grade -Basketball Player

“Our son has been training with Coach Carlisle for the past eight months, and within the first few months, we saw improvement in his speed, agility, and strength. He enjoys his private training sessions and each time coach pushes him

Pasha Goodarzi
Top Ranked-Youth Basketball Player

How Our Program Works

  • Increase Speed 3 to 5 Tenths of a Second!
  • Improve Vertical Jump 2 to 7 Inches!
  • Enhance First-Step Quickness and Explosion 50% Plus!

One-Time Trial Session

We offer a one-time trial session to give you a chance to try the program first-hand. Use the button below to purchase a single session. Then, move on to Step 3 to book a class.

One-Time Trial Session
$75 (Single Session)

Step 1: Choose Your Program

Read the program details to see if it's right for your youth athlete. Our programs are arranged by age group, including Emerging Youth (Grades 5-6), High School Bound (Grades 7-8), and College Bound (Grades 9-12).

There are many strength and conditioning coaches who do a great job of coaching up their respective student-athletes by providing structured training programs and supervision. As a Master strength and conditioning coach (link to MSCC description on cscca), I know all too well the challenges of giving each athlete under my tutelage precisely what they need to help them elevate their performance. This is the reason athletes such as LeBron James, and Tom Brady have their own personal performance coaches.

As a Performance Coach who has worked at all levels--youth through professional—it is our aim at Carlisle Performance to supplement and complement your high school program to elevate your performance to the next level. We will take no more than four athletes at a time, ensuring you receive personalized instruction.

The maximum number of athletes per group is 4, meaning your child is getting a 1:4 coach to athlete ratio. Compare that to a team setting where one (or maybe two) coaches are training 15-20 kids. The packages listed below allow 1 training session per week.

As the former Director of Sports Performance for a Big-Ten School, I know first-hand the athletic deficiencies with which many athletes enter college. At Carlisle Performance, we aim to address those areas-- speed, reaction time, explosion, mindset and more—and to provide you with the ultimate competitive edge during your high school career so that you can dominate the competition.





Step 2: Sign up For A Session Package

Our session packages are bundled to fit your scheduling needs. You can purchase sessions one month at a time, or become a member to keep your spot reserved each month. Members also receive a 10% discount.

Pay-as-you-go spaces are limited.
1x Week (4 Sessions Monthly)
$280 ($70/session)
1.5x Week (6 Sessions Monthly)
$390 ($65/session)
2x Week (8 Sessions Monthly)
$480 ($60/session)
3x Week (12 Sessions Monthly)
$660 ($55/session)
Membership Pricing (Monthly, On-Going)
Become a member to keep your spot reserved and receive a 10% discount. Autopay monthly, cancel at any time.
1x Week (4 Sessions Monthly)
$240 ($60/session)
1.5x Week (6 Sessions Monthly)
$330 ($55/session)
2x Week (8 Sessions Monthly)
$400 ($50/session)
3x Week (12 Sessions Monthly)
$540 ($45/session)

Step 3: Schedule Your Sessions

Once you have signed up for a session package, use the calendar below to book the times that work best for you.

College Bound Prep Program Schedule