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September 2019

How to choose the right Speed Coach

I have been blessed to work with many elite Speed Coaches in sports, ranging from Soccer to Lacrosse and many more. I’m also a parent of children who are athletes and has been coached by some outstanding speed and conditioning […]

Tips on How to Coach Your Child

If you’ve ever tried to coach your child, you may have noticed they are not always as receptive to what you have to say as you’d like them to be. As a person who has coached thousands of individuals, from […]

Behavior Determines Success of Fitness Goal

The “new year, new me” crowd stops by the gym at the beginning of every January. You see it on social media, motivated statuses about getting in shape, but then a couple months or even weeks go by and the […]

Weekend Warrior Edition 1.2

Weekend Warrior Edition 1.2 Let’s face it, the average Weekend Warrior lives for a jam-packed weekend-can’t stop, won’t stop, we are unstoppable! You set your mind to anything and you go for it, however, you have been lagging in one […]

Weekend Warrior Edition 1.1

Visualize this typical work week scenario. Much of your energy is committed to traveling for business, meeting clients, taking phone calls, sitting in meetings, and repeating again the next day. Exhausting, right? However, just like you push through the week, […]