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  • Increase Speed 3 to 5 Tenths of a Second!
  • Improve Vertical Jump 2 to 7 Inches!
  • Enhance First-Step Quickness and Explosion 50% Plus!

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Pursuit Of Excellence Podcast

Each episode I have a chat with a fascinating person, from high achieving athletes to super successful coaches, to the parents who go all out to support their athletic children. We talk through their why, behind their what, on their quest to pursue excellence. If your aim is to stretch and grow as an athlete, coach or parent, then this show is for you.
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Our mission is to motivate, educate, and elevate the performance level of every athlete.


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Client Spotlight

I have total confidence in Coach Carlisle when it comes to personal training. His knowledge in exercise science and motivational skills was critical to the longevity of my professional career.

Bryant Young
Atlanta Falcons, Defensive Line Coach, NFL 1990s All-Decade Team & 5-time Pro Bowler Super Bowl Champion, NFL 14 year veteran

I have personally witnessed Coach Carlisle mentally and physically transform driven and focused individuals in a relatively short period of time. His training system and approach is perfect for a Business executive who is time challenged. He sessions are time

Paraag Marathe
Chief Strategy Officer and EVP of Football Operations | San Francisco 49ers

Why should a mid-50’s weekend warrior (like me) work with a somebody who trains some of the best athletes in the world (like Duane Carlisle)? Because Duane’s skills bring even greater benefit to middle-aged men than to elite young athletes.

Nick Gault
Silicon Valley Business Executive
Speed Training

“I’m a high school basketball player, and I came to Carlisle after an ankle injury to strengthen it, but ended up strengthening all parts of my game as well. Since I’ve started, my speed has increased, my vertical has improved,

Anika Prasad
Basketball Player, Saratoga HS

“Coach Carlisle has a unique talent of gaining stellar performance in athletes who are willing to work hard. Most impressive is his client list comprised of young to old, beginners to professional athletes. Motivational and knowledgable, Duane continues to develop

Mackenzie Fobes
Elite Softball Prospect
Speed Training

“Coach Carlisle is a true master of his craft. He is extremely motivating and knows how to get the most out of his students. We have seen a dramatic increase in our daughter’s vertical jump, speed, and endurance. And the

Kylie Reynolds-Martin
High School Volleyball Player

Coach Carlisle was my strength and conditioning coach my first 6 years in the NFL. As a rookie, he took me under his wing and helped me develop great training habits to improve nutrition, recovery, and athletic development. He was

Frank Gore
NFL All-Time 5th leading rusher, 5-time Pro Bowler and 14-year veteran
Pasha Goodarzi, Top Ranked 8th grade -Basketball Player

“Our son has been training with Coach Carlisle for the past eight months, and within the first few months, we saw improvement in his speed, agility, and strength. He enjoys his private training sessions and each time coach pushes him

Pasha Goodarzi
Top Ranked-Youth Basketball Player

I have been lucky enough to know Duane Carlisle for over 30 years. My initial experience was with a young committed eighteen year old athlete eager to improve. I watched Duane grow into a speed coach, an entrepreneur and then

Mike Boyle
Internationally Renown Fitness, Strength and Conditioning Expert

I’ve known Duane since he was 16 years old and we’ve maintained a close relationship throughout his professional career. One thing I know: he is extremely driven to help people achieve excellence and their goals.

Mike Woicik
6-time Super Bowl Champion, Dallas Cowboys Strength and Conditioning Coach